Tiny Tower

3.6.6 for Android

Become the director of a fun skyscraper


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Tiny Tower is a social strategy/management game where your goal is to build a skyscraper that's impressive, beautiful, fun, and profitable.

On each floor of the building you can create fun houses and shops that attract different characters, which little by little lets you unlock new types of structures that you can build.

The gameplay, as those with some years behind them will recall, is similar to that of the classic Sim Tower, except that Tiny Tower is more accessible and charming. Anyone, no matter what level, can enjoy it.

Thanks to the social aspect of the game you can visit your friends' buildings, which lets you earn some rewards to use on your own skyscraper.

The game's graphics, although not outstanding, are still absolutely charming thanks to its pixelated style.

Tiny Tower is one of those entertaining and addictive games that end up getting you hooked. Pay attention to how much you play, or you'll end up playing for hours on end.

Requires Android 2.0 or higher

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