Tiny Tower

3.6.0 for iPhone

Create the biggest and best skyscraper


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Tiny Tower is a social strategy and management game in which your objective is to build the most impressive, beautiful, fun, lucrative skyscraper in the world.

Each floor of your building can be customized to house all sorts of living arrangements and businesses to attract different kinds of characters, who, little by little, will help you unlock new types of structures to build.

Gameplay is sure to remind you - if you're old enough to remember - of Sim Tower, however the difference is that Tiny Tower is much more accessible and user-friendly. Any player, no matter what kind of experience they have with this type of game, is sure to enjoy playing it.

Thanks to the social element included in the game, you can go to see the structures built by your friends through the Game Center. Doing so earns you certain compensation that you can use on your own building.

Graphically, the game might not be very impressive, but its pixelated style is absolutely charming and quite appropriate for the game itself.

Tiny Tower is one of those entertaining, addictive games that will slowly eat your life away. So be careful when playing it, or you may find you've been glued to your screen for many hours.
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